July 2008

Your Focus Is The Key.

by maria on July 30, 2008

Imagine, for just a moment with me that you are in this huge mansion with many doors, all different colors and shapes and with many different designs. You walk around and around trying to figure out which one should you attempt to go through and even see if it opens up. You ask yourself, ” […]

Life Mirrors Our Reality

by maria on July 28, 2008

This is a post from my sister, Maria So much is going on right now with this financial crisis that I imagine we are all going through similar feelings of: Can we trust government? Can we trust the financial system? Can we trust our leaders? Can we trust the value of the dollar? Who can […]

Looking for New Energy Sources in my Body

by maria on July 24, 2008

This post was written by my sister Maria: As I came home this evening I was feeling unusually tired, and as I sat down although feeling very tired I started to write this article and found myself becoming engrossed in the subject and forgot about being tired for the moment. I began to realize that […]

More Steps Till I Can Fly

by Blanca Stella on July 21, 2008

I now have another step to take in this process which is physical therapy. My mind is already racing and wanting to get alot of things done. I want to go to the office and a small part of me starts to get into that stress syndrome once again. Last year, I took a few […]


My Foot is Free…Getting There

by Blanca Stella on July 19, 2008

Yesterday I got the halo off of my foot. All in all, the pain wasn’t so bad as I thought. My friend Dan, had given me a good visual to do when the pins were being taken off. The visual was to say thank you  to the pins for supporting my ankle during this time […]


Starting & Re-igniting the Fire

by maria on July 19, 2008

Have you ever been on a camping trip and needed to start a fire? Did you know that there is a specific way to ignite the fire so it is able to grow? On my first trip many years ago to the out doors, I thought it was just getting a bunch of logs together […]