August 2008

Something is Stirring in America

by Blanca Stella on August 30, 2008

I have never been much of a politically involved individual as I have found myself to be this past week. As the Olympics came to an end, and as we finished watching the performances of Americas heroes such as Michael Phelps and Shannon Johnson and  many others, I was on a high. Throughout the Olympics, I was […]


Be vulnerable or run away?

by Blanca Stella on August 28, 2008

My “new” relationship with this man has continued. I have found that because my main purpose and intent is to have a divine spiritual and uplifting relationship, it actually makes me even more vulnerable. Before I covered up my vulnerabilities with a man, that deep core part of me that connects to God in my […]


Time is Precious

by Blanca Stella on August 28, 2008

TIME: Where does it go? So much has happened in this summer. I let go of my crutch and in the first parent teacher meeting of the year, I walked all over my sons school, meeting all his teachers. I was able to walk freely. As they say, there is a time and a season […]


Feeling my independence

by Blanca Stella on August 27, 2008

I accidentally left my one crutch that I am now using, on the side of the car and drove off without it. I have been walking 30 percent of the time without it around the house, but leaving the house completely without it, was like an independence.  I went to the grocery by myself and […]


Who Do You Love More?

by Blanca Stella on August 15, 2008

My son has asked me many times, “Who do you love more me or Sparky?” Sparky is our beautiful eight year old Labrador.  We’ve had him since he was a puppy.  Of course I always answered my son  that I love him more than Sparky even though I adore Sparky.  And then he would ask me a lot of times, […]


Blanquita Day

by Blanca Stella on August 11, 2008

Here is the link of my friend’s Blog that explains Blanquita Day and the text here: Some of you may remember back in April when Blanca’s sister, Maria, declared Cinco de Mayo as “Blanquita Day.” She sent an email to that effect and Alina passed it on. From: Maria Angela Jacques Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 […]