January 2009

Life is a Gift…Don’t Let Anyone Rob You of It

by Blanca Stella on January 27, 2009

The creation of  life is a gift. We have to be able to SEE that any situation no matter how bad and symbolically may feel  is the end of the world and the end of your “current” life as you know it, is just that, a symbol.  They have to be seen  as an end […]


Change Now, Don’t Just Give Me Your List of Why’s

by Blanca Stella on January 26, 2009

Because my sister finally came out of hiding and openly posted her frustration of her energy level last week, I can comment on my take on it. When we are not following our passion, we tend to go into addictions. They come in many forms: overeating, drug abuse, alcoholism, over spending, cigarettes, gambling, toxic relationships […]


Inauguration of President Obama

by Blanca Stella on January 21, 2009

I know the Country is in a mess.  But I do have hope and I fully support his courage to become President at this time.


Save the Union, but Save Yourself First

by Blanca Stella on January 20, 2009

Leonard Pitts, from the Miami Herald wrote an article about the myth that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. He says  the Emancipation Proclamation was a military measure to destabilize the rebellious south and did not apply in slave holding states.  http://www.miamiherald.com/living/columnists/leonard-pitts/story/857544.html However, he does point to the fact that Lincoln abhorred slavery and believed in the […]


Can You Leave it Alone?

by Blanca Stella on January 17, 2009

That is what I have been, in frustration, yelling to Sparky( my 100 pound Labrador), every time he licks his wound.  He got angry when the groomers shaved him for the first time. It was my sister’s suggestion to avoid shedding so much hair.  Instead, all I have done is shed grief for 4 months and his […]


A Pilots Quick Thinking

by Blanca Stella on January 16, 2009

The pilot in the incident on the Hudson River in New York  yesterday is quoted in the Miami Herald that a catastrophe was averted by his “quick thinking and deft manuevers”.  Quick thinking like this can only be achieved by an alert and clear mind.  http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation/AP/story/856361.html. The passengers marvel they are alive. Just reading the story […]