June 2009

A Whirlwind in 10 Days

by Blanca Stella on June 28, 2009

Life never ceases to amaze me.  Since I have made a big emphasis on this blog to trust and let go in the midst of chaos, I am very conscious that I have to be walking this talk. A lot has happened since I announced the shedding of my realtor identity at the AWCS meeting […]


Celebrating The New Identity

by Blanca Stella on June 19, 2009

Last night after I came back from a networking meeting, I tweeted about following your passion. A friend on twitter, @mlanger (Maria Langer) replied that I have been listening to The Secret for too long and just go for it. I personally thought “The Secret” was kind of shallow. Yes, it got people’s mind flowing with creating […]



by Blanca Stella on June 19, 2009

Following is my resume


Job Status Change

by Blanca Stella on June 19, 2009

Since this personal blog is an organic process while I go through my career changes, instead of deleting the old, I will post my “About Blanca” chronologically instead of deleting. April 2008 to June, 2009 Summary of What I have been doing: 2008 was a big meltdown for many people. Besides the real estate market […]


Transformation Takes Time

by Blanca Stella on June 14, 2009

The other night I went to a party with one of my best friends. We have been friends from high school. She too has encountered a huge change in her career as a mortgage broker for over 20 years. She transitioned this year into insurance sales which has required a tremendous amount of studying. It is a sales […]

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Logic Is Not Always Right

by Blanca Stella on June 13, 2009

A neighbor came by this week to give me a card of the owner of Creative Staffing, an agency that finds work for unemployed. She knew I was looking for temporary work to tide me over or  a permanent job in something new. After spending enormous effort to maneuver myself in this total revamping and restructuring […]