December 2009

Inspiration from John Lennon

by Blanca Stella on December 31, 2009

A twitter friend, @offgrid linked this video tonight. The lyrics gave me inspiration tonight and I love how music uplifts the soul. It’s a good way to end the year.  Here are the words I got from a music & lyrics website.


Is Inner Peace Elusive?

by Blanca Stella on December 28, 2009

I took these pictures two weeks ago on my way to visit my parents. It is a view of Biscayne Bay with Coconut Grove in the backdrop. The view driving from the car was some beautiful clouds with the sunset peaking behind. This part of the beach is also under renovation.  Recently the city cut […]


Happy Holiday & Keep On Moving

by Blanca Stella on December 24, 2009

2009 has been an interesting chaotic year. As 2010 approaches, I look back at all the challenges of this year and observe that in the midst of them, many opportunities came my way. I had set an intention two years ago to follow my dreams. While I am not exactly where I really want to […]


Inner Peace Prevails Although My Milkweed Died

by Blanca Stella on December 9, 2009

I had to pull from the roots and throw out two of my  milkweed plants two weeks ago. They were infiltrated with a huge amount of bugs. The leaves were yellow and mucky and a mold was starting to form on the stems. In this past month, I haven’t taken much time to look at […]