A Pilots Quick Thinking

by Blanca Stella on January 16, 2009

august-to-october-2008-621The pilot in the incident on the Hudson River in New York  yesterday is quoted in the Miami Herald that a catastrophe was averted by his “quick thinking and deft manuevers”.  Quick thinking like this can only be achieved by an alert and clear mind.  http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation/AP/story/856361.html. The passengers marvel they are alive. Just reading the story myself  wells up in me the amazing feeling that yes, they are all alive. Why is that so? Why does it take a near death to jolt you into that clear minded awareness of the power of our life, our aliveness. 

We live in a world of constant distractions and worries especially now with the state of the economic affairs. These instances give us a pause to remind us that our life is not to be taken for granted. We each have a purpose, no matter how small. Maybe the chaos that is happening in the world economically is simply a shift for us to pause for us to restructure and reshape our lives with more meaning.

It is possible to change our lives. So many times we want to do something different, but we are afraid to act. It just takes time and focus and more of that clear thinking, like Pilot Chelsey Sullenberger had. He was able to save many lives.  Many of those people on that plane, I imagine, have been stirred deeply to the core.  How can you be a better pilot of your own life?

He is hailed as a hero. Absolutely he is. How can you be your own hero so your life can soar to new heights?

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