A Time to Reflect and Take a Break

by Blanca Stella on September 5, 2008

kiteAs they say, there is a time and a season, and for me, the season of this relationship which seemed to be flourishing has taken a turn in the wind. It is not out of conflict, but simply what I sense out of fear of embracing what can be so grand and expanding, but in the midst of uncertainty and limitations with him finding a job, it must be set free.

It all started with him looking ahead a few months and seeing that there might be a turn in the road and in his anticipation, wanted to be clear and afraid of hurting me in case he found a job in another city. He is having difficulty finding a job in his industry and the gloom on the streets is not giving him confidence to find work in the field he has been for so many years.

I understand this, but I also said that love is the most powerful force, and love can find ways if 2 people in love are meant to be together. I put the intention of a divine love and I believe anything with that kind of intention can move mountains. I understand his confusion and anxiety It is out there in so many ways.

 But I am also in the midst of starting over in my own business. I was feeling that love can support and uplift each other, but instead it seems fear and anxiety is taking over. I am  sad, but not heartbroken. I have to set it free and what may have been a potential for what I thought was something greater can be burst in the wind and freed of its

For my feeling is that true love is beyond any restrictions and if embraced fully- can create magic.

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