Resurrect Your Hero is a blog dedicated to inspiring others(and more closely to my heart, single moms) to embrace change in the midst of chaos, meltdowns and life changing events.  I believe that the chaos serves a very important purpose . It helps in opening your heart to your true purpose. Yes, I know, it is very painful while you are experiencing chaos and disruption of your current life. But what if chaos is summoning you to find something deeper in yourself – your true self that is full of passion and vitality.

My life has been filled with much “chaos.” Read Blanca’s Story so you can get to know me a little more.  This blog is literally an organic and open sharing of my difficulties starting in 2008 when I experienced several meltdowns at the same time: financial, health and love. I share how I have found peace, love and happiness within me while everything crumbled in front of me.  I have a manuscript that  tells more stories prior to 2008. It is in the form of a love story. It currently is being edited and new chapters added. Hopefully, I can publish it soon.

In the mean time, enjoy and share your story. We all have a story. The real question is: What are you going to do with your story?

I post here about 1-2 times per week as most of my time during the week is devoted to my work. You can follow me on twitter as I am there frequently: My Global twitter: @blancastella  and my Local Miami Twitter: @miamishines  [I will be happy to follow you on either account, although I try to keep my local twitter to Miami residents. The reason I do this is to keep the stream tight with all the Miami happenings and not annoy the global stream with random tweets that may seem annoying. For example: “Anyone hanging in Coconut Grove right now?'”


Mango Connections 

I created the category, Mango Connections for serendiptous events.  Do you believe in signs? I sure do. Sometimes my mind says: Do this, and this and this. But my heart says: Flow and do this instead. Mango connections are spontaneous events that you allowed to happen from signs, intuition or just plainly from your gut. You heard a little voice that led you to act on something and voila! you had a Mango Connection. It could manifest as meeting someone new, or experiencing something different. Share your Mango Connections! Go ahead, allow some serendipity in your life.

Work/Project Updates

Here I share what I am doing to make a living. Again, I have allowed myself to be flexible when my life turned upside down. I have the experience of being a Real Estate Professional/Enterpreuner for 24 years.  I also learned new skills about internet marketing , online publishing simply because I wanted to know how to publish a book. This led me to the social media realm and now I am working on some projects as I expand more into my purpose. I still will work some real estate deals on a case by case basis.

Everyday Heroes

Here I want to share stories of Every Day Heroes. This is the person that goes out of his way to help someone in need. It is someone who has encountered great difficulty and challenges in life and has risen above these challenges with a great positive attitude. They are everywhere and they are here to show us that we too can awaken our own hero within us. Share your stories of people you know that you consider an Everyday Hero, even if it is you!

What’s Your Challenge

I welcome you to post here what it is you would like to change about your life. What is it that is blocking you from achieving all your hopes, dreams and desires. And write what you would like to do about it.

Personal Growth

Life is about growth. Our life is a series of events that make up our individual stories.  Our stories evolve as we grow. Most of this blog is categorized under this category because once a seed is planted, if properly nurtured, the small plant can grow into a big tree. It all depends on what you put into.

Spiritual Growth

Here I post stories or events that are deeper than a personal growth experience. These are experiences that touch your soul.