Act Like A Man?

by Blanca Stella on September 30, 2009

Purple Flowers I Took At Butterfly World In April

Purple Flowers I Took At Butterfly World In April

I was recently sharing my work/projects updates about my new potential prospects for my Social Media work with one of my best friends.  We are very similar in our analytical approach to getting things done.

Because of my willingness and self motivation to invest many hours in learning all of this, I am reaping the rewards of this time and effort by creating a new way to make income. I believe the best motivation comes from being inspired.

But what happens if one is using motivation simply to do, do and do. All the tools are like the skeleton. The true substance is in the inspiration, which is the meat. I believe that is what makes something alive. There has to be a purpose for it to gain some personal satisfaction besides just doing a job.

So now that I  can make a living at it, the key point is to value my time.  My friend says that to do that, you have to act like a man. In certain respects, I agree. We all know those people that are giving, giving, giving and at the end of the day, they are just receiving crumbs. In this economy, crumbs is better than nothing. Right? But where does crumbs get you? 

I pondered  about what she said later. Do I really have to act like a man? What does it mean to act like a man? I know she meant assertive, not aggressive.  Take my personal projects as an example. Where would it have led me if I would have gotten aggressive with my sister? I could have pushed and pushed to make her act to get things done. But I chose not to. It would have led me to an unhappy place. I’d rather say that I prefer to act like a balanced human being with sensitivities to where another person is in their path, lovingly let go and await new doorways to open.

Recently, I got inspired by sending an email to a very close cousin in Bogota, Colombia, whom I love very dearly. That darn analytical mind of mine can’t let go of all my time invested in my concepts for the eventual goal of publishing various materials. I asked her if she would be willing to translate into Spanish what I was planning to do with my sister. We have talked for decades of maybe one day in the future doing projects together. She is like a sister to me.

She responded. I shared the idea with my mom and she gave came up with the name for the new blog in Spanish: Mi Caminar. Off I went in the wee hours of the night in the past month and set it up, utilizing all my acquired skills. I even did the banner myself and researched key words in Spanish for this niche. It’s the same as this blog: Inspiration.

My cousin knows that I will only enter into a new project if it is an equal collaboration. I’ve learned my lesson to not push someone too much if they are not ready. I got it done.  Now I am hoping that  a nice dose of inspiration will tug at my cousin’s heartstrings to pursue it.  The skeleton is up in cyberspace.  The idea is that several of my cousins contribute content to make it alive. ( I have around 50 first cousins and probably another 50 second cousins who all live in Colombia.) I’ll do it when a wave on inspiration hits me. The reality is when you are caught up in inspiration, time is irrelevant and that moment is timeless.

I know she is going through a difficult time because she lost her job recently, got divorced last year in a bitter situation, a single mom and is also starting over.  But isn’t that when the best meat and substance is created? Isn’t it when we are cornered as if nowhere left to go that we are challenged to make a turning point? And what happens if you make a jump into the uncertainty? Won’t your heart lead you to the right place?

I believe most people are not willing to take a risk because of several reasons. First, they don’t have a vision. Second, they don’t want to invest the time. Third, they are not willing to let go of  the “old self”, which keeps tugging away at oneself through doubts and fears. I have gone through that process. What better way than to do it as a team in partnership to support each other. We had a long talk last night for the first time since I saw her a year ago. I believe she is inspired. She has that “fire in her belly”.  All I have to do is help her to get  ignited what already exists within her.

She could write 10 novelas based on her story with her ex-husband. But I can’t reveal the story because, for now, she wants to stay anonymous. Yeah, that was the only way I nudged her to bite the bullet and dive in. But knowing her all my life, the anonymity will fly out the window soon. She is a complete extrovert. I can’t wait to see how this evolves.

My mind can now relax a bit more because I have a potential partner for all my personal projects.  Next month, I will call another cousin who is an amazing artist for the children’s books. My son will always be my inspirational partner because he is the one that helped me to keep my dreams alive.

For now, I will continue my “day job”, which is doing something that I am enjoying very much. I’ll continue to be a mix of giving and receiving(male and female). I know that much is to be received with an open heart.   I mainly operate where my heartstrings pull me now. I’ll let the universe take care of the rest.  By the way, Mi Caminar means My Walk or My Path in Spanish. If worst comes to worst, at least I have a sample of a blog I created all by myself to show to potential Social Media clients. There goes that analytical mind again;-)

P.S. In this month I have also created a website for my social media services: . It is currently under construction(no content yet!) and hopefully I can get it together this month. I also have been helping a friend find her dream house. I think I might have found it today. All the pieces are finally coming screenshot 93009

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