Adjusting To My New Identity

by Blanca Stella on July 26, 2009

Sunris in Miami Beach

Sunrise in Miami Beach

The last few posts  have been titled: Letting Go Of My New Identity, Embracing My New Identity and now this one, Adjusting To My New Identity. But in reality, it’s not that I have a new identity. I have always been me, Blanca Stella Mejia.

Because I have worked  mainly in one profession, it was excrutiatingly hard to let it go. My profession was more than just being a realtor. I owned my own business,  operated as the broker, and ran all the marketing, sales and administration. There were times that I had agents and assistants in  my office as well. Besides that, I handled projects that most Realtors don’t do.(See my resume for more details.)  That is what comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur. 

So in reality, I have been adjusting to working for someone else. In this case, it’s my brother. I have been organizing in my head and laying out  all the projects my brother wants to set in motion in a project management software . Now, I am technically doing what I have done before – marketing. But now I am applying it with other skills I have learned and utilized in the last few years – online marketing and social media.

My brother is an entrepreneur and has created a great team to assist him to be a great dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon. But he didn’t have the time to do what I am now hired to do. I will make every endeavor to be accountable and accomplish his goals, just as I would for anyone else.

So these past few weeks have been an education in the field of dermatology and hair. I got his website up and running with some content and I have a ton more to add.  My brain has adjusted to this job very well and am thoroughly enjoying it. For the moment, I have to put my personal projects  in the back burner to focus on this.

As time goes by, and as I get more in the flow, I will be able to continue writing and edit part of my book which I still want to get published. One day at a time is my motto for now.  At least I don’t have that angst of wondering if those darn bank listings will happen. I let the Realtor identity for now  and  am running with this. I am still me: a motivated worker who enjoys being productive, responsible for my household and well being of my son and I.

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