Almost Rebuilt

by Blanca Stella on October 9, 2009

Building in Downtown Miami Under Construction

Building in Downtown Miami Under Construction

I  finally spent a few hours getting my social media consulting site set up last night ( In the past week, I have been ultra left brain focused on getting all my accounting in order, which includes doing my bank reconciliations to the penny on computer software. When I do that, my brain somehow feels happier and organized. It is great to be creative, but  creativity without order is not good.

What happens to me  when I get in this ultra organized mode, I go into this zone, completely focus and tune out from distractions.  I  hardly twittered or looked at Facebook and no tweet-ups. (The South Florida tech community has constant tweet-ups.)

So I was  less than my usual chatty self and got a lot done. But I missed the connections.  All this technology and social media integration has become a big part of my life. I suppose I needed the silent time to move forward quickly at another turning point.

Last week, I was going to a social media meeting in downtown Miami and saw this building. From the ground it looks complete. But if you look at the top, it is still under construction. I snapped a quick picture and the thought later came to me that this is how I have rebuilt my life, from the ground up.

It has taken a huge effort, persistence and attention to details.  Those are not very fun things for my creative right brain. I believe the effort is paying off and just today got a phone call for a  new social media client. It feels good.

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