Behind The Scenes & Looking For A Chrysallis

by Blanca Stella on November 3, 2009

I haven’t had much time to upload any videos. I have so much footage from my butterfly garden that I would like to share.  All day today, I was editing video for my brother’s dermatology site and stumbled upon this footage mixed in with his videos. I took some time to edit it because it was timely.

I took this video the day after my brother offered me a job in June. When caterpillars become chrysalis, they hide and camouflage themselves. This blog is a sort of behind the scenes of everything that I have attempted to do. While at many times it has been a very frustrating process, it has been progressive.

Yeah, it has been slow like the quiet chryssalis. I hope that now I am more settled in my work, I can share more footage of these beautiful creatures. Isn’t that reflective of many of our lives? We are quietly working out, planning and hopefully envisioning our new lives. Soon many can be free of the many stresses and burdens that have come our path in the last years.

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