Butterflies & Heartfelt Connections

by Blanca Stella on June 7, 2009

Monarch Butterflies Mating

Monarch Butterflies Mating

I took this picture of two monarch butterflies mating five days ago.  Since I am working from home, my desk sits about five feet from a french door that leads out to my garden. I happened to look out that day and there they were, in their dazzling embrace. It was exactly one month ago today that I embraced Sparky as he took his last breath. The memory of that bittersweet moment has kept my spirits high although I have cried many times. But because I gave myself the time to  really experience the letting go, the pain has subsided. I have a picture of Sparky on my desktop background as a visual of those beautiful brown expressive eyes.

I picked up a box of his remains from Pet-Heaven, the company that did the cremation two weeks ago. Soon, I will have a special moment to release the remains or dig them in the ground. I think I will put them under the mango trees.

I woke up this morning feeling an emptiness. Cristian was away for the weekend. There was a huge storm that flooded the streets in Miami yesterday. So I thought it would be a melancholy day. But then around midday, the sun peaked out, and I headed for my haven, the beach. Although it was cloudy, I enjoyed walking around Ocean Drive. I took a picture of a guy with his poodle and told him I had lost my pooch.  It was a nice connection especially since it dawned on me while I talked to him, of the one month mark.   

I then headed to absorb the sound of the ocean waves. It was half cloudy, half sun and very relaxing. After a few hours, I headed to a friends apartment, but she wasn’t there. I called another friend and no answer. I wanted to take a shower to go to the movies. With no friends in sight, I decided to head home. My hunger pangs made me stop at La Brioche Dorree, a French pastry shop on a side road that I never had seen. I hesitated and turned to go back home. But I said to myself, “What the heck, it looks like a cute place.” 

Once inside, I saw Tommy & Theresa, a beautiful couple I hadn’t seen in a few years. I was so happy to see that they had given birth to a beautiful six month baby boy. I mentioned Sparky, and Theresa said that they have a 17 year old dog named Charlie, who is not well. She said that her husband Tommy is not ready to let go. Yet, it seemed to her that the inevitable was going to happen soon. While sharing the story, I cried again. “Who knows,” I said to Theresa, “Maybe we were supposed to connect today for a reason.” We hugged with my heart wide open in a bittersweet feeling that maybe, Sparky and Charlie will now be buddies in spirit.

Sparky on My Computer Desktop

Sparky's Picture on My Computer Desktop (looks kind of 3-D)

17 years is ancient for a dog. I believe Charlie carries ancient wisdom just like I know Tommy does. All you have to do is look in Tommy’s eyes and see the depth he carries. He is a special soul, as is Theresa. I am sure Charlie is a very special dog to have lived this long. The letting go sure is hard, but the memories will be timeless. I said to Tommy, “I know that when Charlie passes, and you gift yourself with time to grieve his loss, you will birth something new.” Tommy and Theresa are gifted jewelers. Whenever Charlie decides to carry on and become a buddy of Sparky, I know that Charlie’s spirit will  inspire Tommy to create a beautiful new line in his jewelry collection.

After Sparky died, my mango trees bore much fruit. I have been happily sharing with my neighbors and friends in the past weeks. I even made friends with neighbors I didn’t know before. I created the category of mango connections on this blog for serendipitous, unexpected moments that bring  joy. I would say today that it has been a big heart mango connection.  And I can’t wait when one day soon, I will be wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry resting on my heart sprung forth from Charlie’s beautiful spirit.  Tommy only creates from his heart and timeless heart memories never fade. I am doing it through my writing.  Tommy is doing with beautiful jewelry. That is the beauty of life, to birth anew after death. So Tommy and Theresa, if you are reading this, because of this beautiful connection today, I have no doubt that Charlie and Sparky will be buddies forever.

Theresa sent me a picture of Charlie after I sent her this post.

Theresa sent me a picture of Charlie after I sent her this post.

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