Exit Sign Leads to Entrance Sign

by Blanca Stella on April 10, 2009

entrance-sign-with-treeI spent a couple of hours last night uploading my beach and  Butterfly World to a video format Please forgive me if this post is long. I sense I am in a culmination of a long process that will lay the groundwork for some of my future posts. So I hope it makes sense. If not I will try to clarify as time goes by. It has taken me seven years to understand intense inner processes only because I chose to find answers to all my inner questions about the meaning of life and death. I know I will never understand everything and the more I know and understand, the more questions I have and the less I really know.I am constantly humbled by the majesty of this greater force we call God.

Anyway, I was taking some pictures on Monday as I headed out to pick up my son at school before I went to the beach. I had been taking pictures in sequence of part of a shopping center that had been knocked down in order to build a new structure. Then on the way home, I took pictures of the location where I had my car accident almost seven years ago. That exit on the highway also has been rebuilt. I see it every time I have carpool and take the kids to school.

Once I dropped of my son at home, I proceeded to Matheson Hammock. I ended up taking a different route. While I was at a stop sign, I noticed a tree with some roots wrapped around it. My mind was intrigued and I snapped some pictures. Then as I proceeded to the next stop, I saw a police car attending a car accident next to a tree. I snapped more pictures.

Then I proceeded and passed by Doctor’s Hospital. I noticed a sign that said “entrance” and another as I drove a few feet more that said “exit”. Normally these “signs” wouldn’t mean anything. But I was drawn to turn around and take pictures of these signs. I ended up in a line at the valet of the hospital which was full of cars. So I had to wait there for at least five minutes. Instead of being impatient, I recalled the time of my stay in a hospital seven years ago. I wasn’t stressed about it. I was just observing in my mind.

I  sometimes wonder what kind of effect my unconscious psyche had if I remembered the full impact of a car hitting a tree head on at 90-100 miles per hour. Actually, I have tried many times to remember. But I can’t. I was half asleep in the passenger seat. So I have let it go that it is not necessary for me to remember a fear like that.

Instead what I have grappled with in these past seven years intensely, is the understanding of the symbolism of a near death experience. My family has had many near brushes with death as I have described here.  What I have been able to grasp is that it is the end of a way of living and walking into a new way. So in a sense, like these pictures, an exit is an entrance to something else.

The next day, when I picked up my son at the bus stop,  I was drawn to take some pictures of a tree that was barren with leaves, yet full of flowers.

It is a coincidence that I am posting this on Good Friday. I didn’t plan on going to Matheson Hammock this week, nor did I plan on going to Butterfly World. I had a simple intention of a need for a break.  And then all these beautiful events kind of happened. I wasn’t even thinking about it being around the time of Easter.

At first I didn’t want to post this because it seemed kind of gloomy. I only wanted to put the pretty pictures of the ocean, kids playing, sunrise, butterflies and flowers.  But since I named this site, “Resurrect Your Hero” as a symbol of inspiration to transform your own life, then I will. Life brings pain to make you stop and smell the roses. I sure did. I am happy that I did because I  exited and found a new entrance without having to “die” in the literal sense.

As I have written here before, I am truly happy now in my life because my curious mind has finally come to a closer understanding of the meaning of having a near death. I know I will never have all the answers, but I can live with aches and pains and at the same time SEE so many other beautiful things. The key is to be able to SEE more beauty than pain.

My feeling is that the subsequent beautiful pictures I took at the beach further healed any inner unconscious conflict I may have. The more I experience good imagery and good sharing with my family, friends and new acquaintances, then traumas can be healed in a more gentle way. So then the key is to take the TIME to have more of this in your life to find the new entrances.

I continued to take more pictures   on the way to the beach which was only 10 minutes away and right before the entrance of Matheson Hammock, I snapped a picture of the sign of a private residential neighborhood called Journey’s End. I hope my new journey is now beginning in a new way. I sure feel it is.

And as a side note, I took sparky to a veterinarian on Tuesday and as of today, Friday, the cast is still on. He has not been able to break open the wound. It is finally healing.exit-sign1

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