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by Blanca Stella on April 12, 2010

Yellow Butterfly In My Garden Yesterday

Yellow Butterfly In My Garden Yesterday

If you notice on my blog, the last two months, I have mainly been sharing pictures. The reason my writing took a pause was because I was offered a job in January managing Commercial Properties in another city. It was a very good job offer dollar wise, but I never started it and it fizzled at the last minute right when I was ready to pack up and leave out of Miami.fizzled. I couldn’t blog about my move because the person I was replacing didn’t know about it. So I had to stay quiet. That was bizarre for me to be quiet online since I am used to twittering and flittering about in the social networks. I love to communicate!

My son was going to stay here in Miami and even though he is a bright happy 17 year old. I had a hard time with that, but I did the emotional heart wrenching letting go as if he was going off to college one year earlier. So now because the job didn’t work out, I get to enjoy him one precious year.

It was an interesting two months because it took me back to all my analytical skills of numbers, budgets and detailed project management as I prepared for this job. I was so ready to do it and I was confident I could do an excellent job.  But maybe in the end, it wouldn’t bring me fulfillment because I was mainly doing it for the money. So now I am back and following my heartstrings again even though the money is less, but as they say…follow your passion and the money will come.

Yesterday I saw this pretty yellow butterfly about in my garden. This one doesn’t come around too often.   It is finally spring and I am starting to see a couple of catterpillars. The garden got a bit dried up in the unusual cold winter that we had in Miami. I am so glad it is getting warm again. Following your passion is stimulating like the movement of the butterflies. You can’t stop once you are immersed in it. So I’m back and look forward to connecting more with many of you.

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