Going Back To Me and Following My Passion

by Blanca Stella on September 11, 2008

brito-picture-2-kids-smilingFor me, letting go of this short relationship that felt like a potential true partnership at this critical juncture of time meant that I had to make a choice. It was not whether I should meet another man.  It was a choice of   this relationship or pursue my dreams, the creativity and the part of me that I finally discovered.  I thought I could do both.  And I think I probably still can. 

But I did not want to carry someone who did not carry the passion for life within himself.  I was willing to be there to encourage and to uplift, but really in the end, he has to find his own rhythm. I couldn’t do it for him or else I would be enabling and it would create an imbalance. This is really, really critical. Each of us has to find it in our own heart, within ourselves, instead of stopping and searching outside of ourselves and project our lack into other people. I am guilty of this. I have done it plenty of times.

  If everyone individually in our world, could tap into their own creativity there would be less problems, sadness and depression in relationships.  Everybody does have a gift, everybody has something to share, so we really have to find within our own selves.  That process requires time to find out what you’re really about:  Who you are.  Not what you want.

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