Inner Peace Prevails Although My Milkweed Died

by Blanca Stella on December 9, 2009

milkweed diedI had to pull from the roots and throw out two of my  milkweed plants two weeks ago. They were infiltrated with a huge amount of bugs. The leaves were yellow and mucky and a mold was starting to form on the stems. In this past month, I haven’t taken much time to look at my milkweed. Normally I scruff them off with my hand when I see a slight infiltration. You can’t put pesticide on milkweeds because the caterpillars will die.

When I went out to look at them, there was no hope. I had to yank them off from the roots. I cut one of them down to the bottom near the roots. Hopefully, it can come back. If not, a new one can be planted and new growth will occur.

In the last month, I have experienced the feeling of hitting bottom. It has nothing to do with my work that I have been writing here on my blog. It has to do with the incident I had with my ex-husband in October. Since then, my voice here online became more silent. I just wasn’t myself anymore. Because I love to connect, I didn’t shut off my twitter conversations completely. But the normal perky voice just wasn’t there anymore.

I felt that my voice had been silenced. I was afraid of speaking and writing on Twitter, Facebook and my blog for fear that any word that I wrote would be misconstrued and used against me. But as time heals all, I am recuperating from this incident. I felt like those wilted milkweeds.

During this month, I realized how much stress there is out in the world. Any small thing can put people on edge. Because I seek to find inner peace above all, I remained silent for a while. This time helped me to value the most important people in my life, most importantly my son. I am continually blessed and supported by the universe in every way. I remained focused on giving him love and teaching him lessons about overcoming obstacles and negative thoughts.

Now that I have regained myself, I can plant new seeds to continue on my journey. It does take a certain amount of will and determination to keep chugging along. My goal is to live free of fear and compassionate of people that wish to put me down. I choose instead to send them  love from a distance. Hopefully, one day they can choose the path of peace.

My  current job is about helping others to make authentic connections online. How can I live in the shadow of someone else’s insecurity and attempt to be authentic and motivated here?  I truly believe that inner strength and inner peace are the core tools to utilize to find happiness and joy. Sometimes we are shot down, but a strong heart can guide you to the next step in the  journey of life.  We just pick ourselves up and move onward through positive progressive actions.

What challenges have come your way and what are you doing to find inner peace so you can shift yourself to a better place?

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