Your Focus Is The Key.

by maria on July 30, 2008

Imagine, for just a moment with me that you are in this huge mansion with many doors, all different colors and shapes and with many different designs. You walk around and around trying to figure out which one should you attempt to go through and even see if it opens up. You ask yourself, ” […]


Massage and Gambling?

by maria on July 15, 2008

In an article in the Miami Herald Newspaper this week, the newest fad in the Casino craze here in South Florida is to provide massage therapy for gamblers who have been gambling at the poker tables for long periods of time. In an effort to KEEP, and the key word here is keep, the gambler […]


Gambling Addictions

by maria on July 1, 2008

You are standing at the slot machine engrossed in the activity of what you are seeing in the screen before you, hoping that all those icons line up so that you hit it big. Your mind is in a total altered space there is nothing else entering, no thoughts to disrupt this process, no problems […]