More Friends that I Love..and A Bride to Be

by Blanca Stella on April 9, 2009

  After going to the beach at Matheson Hammock on Monday, I went to a bridal shower for Alejandra. I got there about two hours  late because I was not thinking of time while at the beach. Timelessness is a good thing especially when on vacation. Better late than never. One of my best friend’s was […]


Letting go in Love vs. Bitterness and Pain

by Blanca Stella on September 25, 2008

For the past three weeks, I have done a catharsis in the way of writing letters to this man that I let go of. It was my way of understanding my feelings and emotions that I didn’t know had gone so deep. What has happened is that the writings are so much that I believe […]


Going Back To Me and Following My Passion

by Blanca Stella on September 11, 2008

For me, letting go of this short relationship that felt like a potential true partnership at this critical juncture of time meant that I had to make a choice. It was not whether I should meet another man.  It was a choice of   this relationship or pursue my dreams, the creativity and the part of me that I […]


Let Go or Engage in the Relationship?

by Blanca Stella on September 9, 2008

One of the things that  I saw a good friend go through in this torturous letting go of an eight year relationship was her constant questioning.  What if it could have been this?  What if it could have been that, and what do you think he’s thinking?  What do you think he’s doing?  Do you think […]


The Hurricane Didn’t Hit Us

by Blanca Stella on September 8, 2008

I have been writing these past days non stop some letters to myself which are addressed to my boyfriend. It is my way of letting go, writing letters. Its my way of releasing whatever range of emotions are going thru me instead of yakking my head off to my friends and driving them crazy. Here […]


A Time to Reflect and Take a Break

by Blanca Stella on September 5, 2008

As they say, there is a time and a season, and for me, the season of this relationship which seemed to be flourishing has taken a turn in the wind. It is not out of conflict, but simply what I sense out of fear of embracing what can be so grand and expanding, but in […]