Strong Yet Vulnerable

by Blanca Stella on September 1, 2008

It’s approaching that 3 month stage of getting to know someone new in a relationship that has the potential to expand into something very deep and beautiful. But those vulnerabilities kick in as you are attempting to establish whether or not the relationship is going somewhere or not. At an older age where there has […]


Be vulnerable or run away?

by Blanca Stella on August 28, 2008

My “new” relationship with this man has continued. I have found that because my main purpose and intent is to have a divine spiritual and uplifting relationship, it actually makes me even more vulnerable. Before I covered up my vulnerabilities with a man, that deep core part of me that connects to God in my […]


21 Days to a Better View

by Blanca Stella on August 6, 2008

That is how long it has been since I have blogged. This project for me has been like my little baby. I’ve nurtured all the messages I’ve written and feel in a way like I abandoned ship. But I do have good reason. I have been nurturing my soul in a new way. I met […]


A New Scenery and Unexpected Surprises

by Blanca Stella on July 7, 2008

Life has some unexpected surprises. During this time of crawling and having to surrender even more so to allow the healing on my ankle to take place with patience and calm, I had a guy call me that I had seen at a party one week before my surgery. Because of not really being able […]