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Implosion – 30 Seconds To Fall

by Blanca Stella on February 16, 2010

My brother sent me this video that he took on his phone. It is an implosion of a building in West Palm Beach. It was a condo building that was an eyesore since 2004 because of hurricane damage. When I looked at the video, I said “Wow!” Here is a link to some other videos […]


Behind The Scenes & Looking For A Chrysallis

by Blanca Stella on November 3, 2009

I haven’t had much time to upload any videos. I have so much footage from my butterfly garden that I would like to share.  All day today, I was editing video for my brother’s dermatology site and stumbled upon this footage mixed in with his videos. I took some time to edit it because it […]


Love Reflects Love

by Blanca Stella on September 25, 2009

Today my guitar teacher’s husband unexpectedly, yet peacefully, died in his sleep at 90 years of age.  I have been taking guitar classes for a couple of years .  He sat in to watch me practice many times and always carried a smile on his face. Tonight I went to the viewing at the funeral house. I could […]


Wise Words From Old Man Moon

by Blanca Stella on April 24, 2009

I took these pictures on my official beach week  two weeks ago. Since then I have been in the “grind” working, as they say. Things are looking up. I finally got inspired to put this little video together from the pictures I took at Sunrise. Hope you enjoy.


Video of Rainy Beach Day

by Blanca Stella on April 15, 2009


Exit and Entrance Video

by Blanca Stella on April 11, 2009