Invisible Angels…Visible Results

by Blanca Stella on April 10, 2009

clouds-like-angels1I read in the Miami Herald today that the six month descent in the economy appears to be leveling off.  It has been a 1 1/2 year descent being in the line of fire as a realtor.  My video of the triathlon gives me the imagerythat there is a finish line as long as you persist. All in all, it has been a great experience in a weird way.

After seeing all the butterflies yesterday in Butterfly World, I hope I can come out of this phase soon and start flittering about again. A transformation has definitely happened again because I followed my main motto: Let Go, Let God. I follow it to the letter now. This has helped me to be kind of like a butterfly. I have been learning all kinds of new ways to work so I can hopefully write full time in the near future. I’m learning the internet mechanisms and all this wordpress blogging, plugins etc. If you look at a butterfly in action, it has major ADD. It does not sit still, except when it is laying its eggs. Then it’s off to another flower.

Who knows, maybe I have really been surrounded by invisible angels this whole time. After all, the blessings have been very visible. I can’t deny them. (See my Blanquita Day  and Power of Focused Prayer post as examples) I decided to go to Butterfly World on a whim based on a twitter friend, Cindy West’s  asking: “What museums or attractions do you plan on doing in the summer?”

“Why wait?”, I said to myself. I was on my self declared vacation anyway. The time is now to follow my heart. That is the point of everything I have been doing lately. And I am trusting that the wings wings of these invisible angels keep on taking me towards my happiest road.

Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow happens as a result of all the today’s!  Going to tweet that now!

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