Logic Is Not Always Right

by Blanca Stella on June 13, 2009

Oracle At Delphi by Abigail McCarthy on Flickr

Oracle At Delphi by Abigail McCarthy on Flickr

A neighbor came by this week to give me a card of the owner of Creative Staffing, an agency that finds work for unemployed. She knew I was looking for temporary work to tide me over or  a permanent job in something new. After spending enormous effort to maneuver myself in this total revamping and restructuring of my real estate business in the last year, I find myself at another crossroads.

Should I give up my persistence in this sinking ship although my logic tells me banks will be needing many more realtors to handle their inventory? I don’t need many listings to survive. My skills and knowledge of the industry are very high. But the low I am experiencing in getting deals done really makes me wonder how much longer I should chart in this course.

In the last six months I have networked extensively with realtors and anyone I meet to be current in the industry and find new business.  Most deals take a long time to negotiate and close. I don’t have much time to wait. I gambled on what my logic said was the best course to succeed and continue in a field I have worked for my entire career.

While I have learned many skills about publishing and Internet marketing, I know it realistically takes at least a year to get a new business off the ground. My entrepreneurial mind set is ever so confident that I can create through my own efforts.

However, due to the economic climate and by statistics I read that the bottom will not be until 2010, I have to make a decision to let go again. Even though I applied for jobs in the last year, I still continued to persist simultaneously with my real estate sales. Only God knows why I keep getting so many roadblocks. This week, my brain was tired and I wondered if I should give up being identified as a realtor altogether. Logic can make one stubborn. It certainly has helped me to persist and continue looking for real estate deals.

A few days ago, I saw the movie, “My Life in Ruins”. Nia Vardalos plays a tour guide in Ancient Greece. There is one scene at the Oracle of Delphi where Richard Dreyfuss answers questions to the group.  All the questions had to do with finding happiness, peace and love.  I have all that in my heart. Peace may be disturbed when the anxiety hits as I encounter more struggle. I’ve learned to maintain my sanity by following good habits and consistent recipe of exercise, healthy eating,  meditating and going out in nature. These four things maintain my energy level high and prevent me from getting depressed.  . These are my own personal tools, free and simple to use. The others are hanging out with my family and friends and sharing mutual love and appreciation. I don’t take drugs or pills to numb my emotional pain or stress.

My only current drama is finding immediate income. So I applied this week with Creative Staffing to resolve this issue. I also applied on other portals like Craiglist. It is the only issue that causes me anxiety at the moment. Finding love  in a partnership is not an issue at hand because I surrendered to God last year that he be the boss to help me find that. So in the love department, I hired God Staffing to bird dog that for me. That is what my manuscript is about: letting go and letting God for a Greater Love. I’m in no rush. I know, in my heart, it will happen in due time.

So today, I’ll ask the Oracle at Delphi: “When will my income be stabilized? Can you help me find a job that I will enjoy and produce enough so I can finally let go of this identity I have been hanging on to as a realtor? Or can you open doors so that the real estate deals happen smoothly, quickly and effortlessly?

I know it is not logic to ask an Oracle. But my logic hasn’t produced the results so far. It is time for a different approach. Stay tuned. I’ll let you know what happens.

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