Love Reflects Love

by Blanca Stella on September 25, 2009

esperanza plates

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Today my guitar teacher’s husband unexpectedly, yet peacefully, died in his sleep at 90 years of age.  I have been taking guitar classes for a couple of years .  He sat in to watch me practice many times and always carried a smile on his face.

Tonight I went to the viewing at the funeral house. I could see how heartbroken Esperanza was. I admired the love they shared and and had the privilege of seeing this beautiful couple completely in love after over 60 years of marriage. I was remembering the day I had videod them two years ago. Luis had celebrated his 88th birthday on August 20th. 

On that day, Esperanza showed me five plates that were given as a birthday gift. I mentioned to Esperanza that I wanted to take pictures of the plates because of the symbolisms. When I got home this evening, I looked in my computer and realized that the day that I did the video was on September 25, 2007 – exactly 2 years to the day he died. 

Esperanza wanted me to take the pictures that day because she was ready to hang them on the wall. The five plates in her words were the following: 1) Day, afternoon, and night…the day moving from light to dark  2) Nature and the sun shining 3) Fruits of nature 4) Animals of nature in this case the butterflies. 5) Planet earth like a star.

Luis had said that the most important thing for him was to conserve his marriage and to take  care of his wife every day. He inspired me to see the possibility of a love so pure to endure  for so long. I will miss his sparkle and smiles. He was a blessed soul. 

Esperanza was also explaining to me the symbolism of Picasso’s “Woman in the Mirror.” My perception of that painting is that if we mirror love, then only love can be reflected back to you. I saw  a man in the reflection.  Esperanza said it was the reflection of the woman looking at herself in the mirror. What if Picasso was trying to evoke the symbolism of two people in partnership reflecting the best of each other. That is what I have witnessed in Esperanza and Luis’ home for many years.

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