Mango Connections Fall on My Doorstep

by Blanca Stella on May 24, 2009

Mangoes From My Two Trees

Mangoes From My Two Trees

(Note: May 26th I am starting a category called Mango Connections with this post. I will put posts here of serendipitous events or anything that pops up in someone’s life that is a sign to be led in a new direction. If you have any, I welcome you to post them here. I do believe there are many signs every day in answer to our questions or thoughts. The key is: do we pay attention and believe in them?)

I just finished sipping a mango shake that Cristian and I made.  Today was a very interesting day. I woke up this Sunday morning to see how many mangoes I had on my lawn. Yesterday it rained all day and I had a box full of mangoes, at least 30 of them. Since last week, the ripe mangoes have been steadily falling, about five per day.

Now the combination of the ripe mangoes and the downpour of rain caused a box full of fresh ready to eat mangoes.  As I stood out on my lawn grabbing this luscious fruit, I noticed my neighbor across the street with his young daughter. “Want some mangoes?.”  “Sure”, he replied. And off they went with at least a dozen of them.

I went back to the house and told Cristian that I wanted to give away all the ones in the box from yesterday to other neighbors. We started knocking on doors and after about six knocks, someone answered. Then I saw someone else grabbing his newspaper and offered some.  I also had taken my business cards as a way to connect and offer my services. I figured it was better than sending out those flyer’s in the mail.And besides, who doesn’t love mangoes, especially these that are so sweet and juicy.  It turned out that he is a law student  and working with an attorney who is in the   foreclosure business in Ft. Lauderdale. He wants to expand his business with  the many contacts he has in Miami. “Great!” I told him. “We’ll meet this week.”

Off we went to more neighbors, and more unanswered doors. “I only want to give the mangoes to people that actually open the door,” I said to Cristian. I turned the corner and knocked on another door. I found a very friendly woman having lunch and invited me into her home. I had spoken to her years ago. It turned out that her husband is a realtor and she is opening an Asset Management Company right now. After speaking to her for almost an hour, it opened another possibility for my work.

I was so happy to not only have these potential business connections, but to get to know some of my neighbors. I have neglected to do this in the past two years because of all the drama going on in my life. But life is always passing by anyway. Situations are always arising. And now I found two very good potentials in my back yard, so to say. As Cristian said, “Let’s see how it pans out.”  After all, I have had many ups and downs lately. So his words are very wise and I’ll take it day by day.

I said to Cristian that even if these connections don’t work out, at least he was able to be with me in these serendipitous meetings. Sometimes he says to me, “Mom, life is not always rainbows and butterflies. Your an idealist.” And I said,”Yes, that is true. But I am not an idealist that sits around for the butterflies and rainbows to land on my doorstep. I go out and look for them. I always persist and never give up, as you have seen.”

And it might be that this time, the rainbows and butterflies did land on my doorstep. After all, it was because of the mangoes that led me to see my new found neighbors.  This was a great life lesson for my son. It’s all in the connection.

Also as an added treat, the mango shake I made came from a neighbor’s mango recipi: mango, milk, sweet condensed milk, and ice. Another neighbor who is from India said to make a shake with mangoes and yogurt. I already went to the groceries to buy those ingredients. Tomorrow, I’ll try the yogurt one.

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