Memorial Day, Remembering Our Heroes

by Blanca Stella on May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Yesterday, I wrote the title of my blog Mango Connections Falling on My Doorstep. My routine in the morning this past week is getting up to see how many mangoes have fallen on my lawn. Cristian asked me why I gave all the good ones away. I had saved about 10 cracked ones for myself. I told him that there were plenty more on the tree and lots of fruit on the cracked and bruised ones.

As I opened the door a few minutes ago, there was a big semi broken & bruised mango right on my doorstep this time.  It just made me think, how many families are wishing today,Memorial Day, that their loved ones  who are away at war, arrive at their doorstep no matter how bruised and broken they may be. And most importantly, and the reason why today is a somber day of remembrance, what about the families that have no hope of this because they have already lost a member of their family?

A Hero is one who has courage to fight for the good of all. No coward would risk their lives knowing that many others have already fallen. When I was having the conversation about butterflies and rainbows yesterday with my son, Cristian, he said also said to me: “Mom, do you seriously think that a time will come when there will be no war?” I paused for a moment to try to find words knowing in my heart that the possibility is great that in his lifetime he will not see this. All I could answer him is, “At least we can strive for peace and hope that there can be no war.”

That probably was the main intention in the hearts of all that have given up their lives. Many have stepped up to the plate to serve this country. My mind cannot comprehend the senseless acts and waste of precious lives and ensuing heartaches for many. So today, on Memorial day, it is a good day to reflect and pray for those courageous heroes who, in selfless acts, sacrificed much. I only hope and continue praying that my son will live to see the day where there is no more  senseless destruction.

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