My Brother’s Project Has Meaning

by Blanca Stella on July 9, 2009

Dr. Ricardo Mejia, Dermatological & Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Ricardo Mejia, Dermatological & Hair Transplant Surgeon

In the past few weeks, I have embraced my new work with excitement. I have been mainly focused on the projects that my brother wants me to organize. He is  a very talented Dermatological & Hair Transplant surgeon.  His practice is thriving and has a good staff in place to support all the services he offers.

There are not that many Doctors who do both hair transplant and dermatology.  He was in need of someone to set up all the dermatology services he offers on a website since his current website  is only focused on hair transplants. He does Follicular Hair Transplantation. It is the same procedure  that  Dr. Robert Burnstein does, and who was featured on Oprah a few months ago. It uses ones own natural hair. Basically, if someone has had bad plugs, he can fix this.

This all came about on June 22nd.  I had stayed at his house the night before after a family celebration for Father’s day. He knew that I had learned alot of technology of putting together content like I do on this personal blog.  He was trying to do all this himself at night, but his time is very limited. He is a married and the  father of a young child.

Because I have worked on project management before, I have been able to utilize these skills to put together a plan and outline steps to implement his ideas. It is giving me great satisfaction because he also is a Mohs skin cancer surgeon and I am going to be videoing patient testimonials. That monday morning at his office, I did my first video.

While I was recording, my heart opened as I listened to this woman talk for over 10 minutes. She was greatful how her life has been changed through the services he has provided. I knew then that this is going to be rewarding for me as well. He truly is doing something of value and I am happy to be able to put together educational material regarding this disease. Additionally, he has advanced laser technology for other medical dermatological treatments, besides the more popular cosmetic ones.

When I was looking for a job in the past months, I had the intention that it would be with a company that I would be proud to offer my skills to. I never expected that it be with my brother.  This makes me even more proud. He is a brilliant physician. Before he became a doctor, he had a degree as a Biomedical Engineer. My father is a retired general surgeon and was a brilliant physician as well. As a matter of fact, Ricardo is the most similar to my father. While I was going to college way back when, I worked for four years in my father’s office and was also at that time privileged to see the talents he had. 

 I did some tweets about my brother and showed him. He said I shouldn’t refer to him as my brother when I say he is a great doctor because people will think I am biased as his sister.  But , he is my little brother and will take some time getting used to calling him Dr. Mejia in front of his staff . I love him very much and  looking forward to this new venture.  Moral of the story…be at peace with your family. You never know where doors open. Tomorrow I will do a post about my best friend, who also has opened many doors for me and is the second project I am working on.

My little brother & I, yes I am 3 yrs older

My little brother & I, yes I am 3 yrs older

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