Blanca’s Q & A

Why did I create this blog?

To inspire during times of change and challenges, to understand why the heart feels, the mind thinks, how to balance human emotions and to find my voice because my dream job is to be a writer and author.

Why did I name this blog “Resurrect Your Hero”?

After my near death experience, a huge shift happened in me. I have been attempting to understand what happened for the past 7 years. In December, 2009 I celebrated my 7 year anniversary of this “accident,” (a.k.a. blessing in disguise ) I talk about it more in detail in “Blanca’s Story” page. There are many symbols about death and rebirth and I would like to express my thoughts in layman terms without any religious connotation.

Also, my mother is a survivor of an airplane accident of which many people died. My father has had many brushes with death in serious car accidents. So the symbols of near death and rebirth have been a big theme in my life.

What gets me going when I wake up in the morning?

The smile on my son’s face and the jokes he makes, watching the butterflies and caterpillars in my garden, going to the beach often, enjoying time with my family and friends.

Who are my main hero’s?

My mother, because of her intense faith and values….yet she was the one I had most struggle regarding certain dogmas of the Catholic faith. (ie. being a single divorced woman..and other issues I will eventually address in this blog.) These issues were resolved after my car accident. She is the most nurturing woman in the world. If it wasn’t for her intense faith, our family would have broken apart. Because of this, I respect her devout beliefs.

My father, because he dared to dream and bring his family to the United States from Colombia for a better life when I was born. Everyone in his family thought he was crazy to do this, but he persisted on his dream. I thank him for working hard all his life to provide for the family. He is an incredible doctor(now retired) and  has a brilliant mind.

What is my religion?

I was raised Catholic. It is part of my identity which I will never reject. That is not to say I have not had issues. Catholicism is deeply ingrained in my family pattern. My mother’s brother has been a Franciscan Priest for almost 60 years. Her other brother, now deceased, was a Dominican priest who left the priesthood at 50 yrs old, married and had a family.

I consider myself of Universal belief – of the Universe. I want to understand all the world religions and beliefs of those that don’t believe in God. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time because I have been busy raising my son as a single mom for 13 years and working to support my household. Maybe now I will have more time because my son is now 16.

Am I New Age?

I have dabbled in understanding many of the concepts of the “New Age”.  I have also found that many “New Agers” are way off and full of ego. So I mainly read books for understanding, but don’t have any “guru” that I follow.

I meditate regularly, but don’t have a technique. I just sit still  to quiet my mind and it works. I have been doing this for 20 years, so I imagine my mind got used to it, kind of like a trained muscle.  Exercise and being in nature are my other forms of meditation. Mostly, I would consider myself middle aged at the moment.

How was my upbringing?

My father is a retired general surgeon, so we lived in a descent neighborhood. He worked hard to support 5 kids and give us all a good education. My mother never worked because she was a full time mom. He was involved in many local civic organizations, mainly for the Colombian community in Miami.

I received lots of love, but our family suffered A LOT when my brother got lost in the world of heavy drugs for many years. It is a long story and one of the chapters in my manuscript.

What have been my greatest challenges?

In a nutshell, men. I am beginning to understand that my prior dysfunctions  comes from the ingrained latin macho culture. Omg..did I say dysfunctions? I meant challenges.  But since I was born in the United States and have lived here all my life, I am trying to find a nice blend of a non-macho man full of machoness.

Or, maybe I will challenge a full fledged latin man to be a real man. If any one out there has a handy questionnaire/tip sheet  for the definition of a real man, please post it here. Hopefully, all the soon to be real men can get educated and trained.

What gets me really angry?

A man that abandons his children. A mother that abandons her children. There are many others, but that is the first thing that comes to my mind. My heart is mainly about loving children. That is my passion.

I am lucky that did not happen to my son. My son has a father that loves him very much and our homes are only two minutes away. So he has had full interaction with both parents all his life even though we divorced when my son was 2 years old. Of course, that doesn’t mean his father doesn’t get me mad every now and then!

Ok that’s me in a nutshell…sometimes nutty, sometimes serious, sometimes deep, sometimes sad, but mostly happy. I hope you enjoy my blog and I invite you to make comments so I know some humans read this. Thanks!

Blanca Stella

Updated February 6, 2010