Work Summary

Summary from 2007:
Until April 2008, I had several  Multimillion dollar listings of which all deals fell apart due to real estate market crash in Miami.  I did a few commercial deals to tide me over in 2007, but barely any income in 2008.
April 2008 -May 2008 I could no longer walk do to traumatic arthritis on my ankle. See “Blanquita Day” on this blog. My financial meltdown started.
June – October 2008 Underwent ankle surgery and recovery. Was able to walk without crutches in October. (I started bloggging right after my surgery) . In September  a short, but intense relationship fell apart and in my heart broken state, I starting writing letters, which became a short book. I haven’t had time to publish it.
December 2008 I downsize my real estate office and start Twittering to see what’s happening out there.
October 2008- April 2009 Attempting to navigate the REO industry(Bank Listings) to no avail. Twittering, blogging, connecting with people on the web are my saving grace for laughter as I  tried to stay above water. Most of my time is in my home office looking for work. Another real estate deal that I worked on for weeks falls apart. It is my last straw.
Mid April, 2009 – I take a vacation in my own home town, beautiful Miami, twitter lots of great pictures, go to see the sunrise and have a beach day for 7 days straight. Thinking about throwing in the towel after 25 years in this industry. My brain in turmoil.
May 7, 2009 My beloved Labrador of nine years, Sparky, dies suddenly. My heart is broken. I cry for weeks.
May- June 2009 Looking for a “real” job. Hire a consultant to help me with a resume because I never had to do one before. I apply for all kinds of jobs. Starting to get into despair.  I start to go out to local tweetups in the Miami community.(Thank you #Miamiheraldtweetup:))  Suddenly get offered by my brother and a best friend to help them with their Social Media content without me even asking them.
July, 2009 Utilizing all my technical skills, I create on my brother, Ricardo website from scratch on a wordpress platform: ( .
August, 2009 Getting some refreshing real estate work & simultaneously working with my  two social media clients.
August 18, 2009 I have a mini meltdown after a realtor cuts me out of a deal. I wonder why I am still doing real estate. I write about why Not Dreaming is Painful. I quickly recover when my son inspires me. This week the juices started flowing again and I resurrect the projects I had planned with my sister. Part of my meltdown was also because I invested a gazillion hours in a dream I had with my sister in the personal development field and she  abandoned them. But because of my skills, I got a job.  Nothing learned is ever wasted.
August 25, 2009 Wondering how I can handle all these hats. Focus is a gift I have, but don’t want to give up soaking the sun at my beach days, laughter with friends(and new twitter friends at tweetups), getting lost observing the caterpillars and butterflies in my garden, enjoying quality time with my son, and going to the gym….I need all these things in my life to give me more energy. Note to self: don’t sacrifice time on these primordial things that keep me going.
September 9, 2009 (9/9/9)  On Labor day I finally started setting up a website for my social media services: The pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together. I don’t feel so unglued.  Its blank though! No time to get content up.
I also set up a website in Spanish ( so my cousin translate what I was going to do with my sister. I might have a partner. (finally!)  The website name is my mom s  idea. All my cousins in Colombia are going to put up the content. I am doing the technology and some doses of inspiration when I get zapped by it.

September 30, 2009 Still working during the day these past weeks with my real estate client. She wants to find her dream house. I think we are close to finding it and close to selling her house. She stayed up till 4:00AM dreaming of her dream house. I stayed up till 4:00AM last night talking to my cousin for 2 hours dreaming of my projects.
October, 2009 In a few short words…..STRESS!!! My clients deal fell apart. The appraisal on the house came in super low. Everything in limbo. I am feeling in limbo because I took time off from my brother’s work to “work” on this. I love my clients. It is not their fault. What is happening here in Miami? People say the market is picking up and appraisers are scared to appraise properly. Insanity!  Thank God I meditate and exercise.
November 2, 2009 I am so happy to be doing the social media work for my brother,  and some consulting & social media training with new clients. It brings me great happiness. No anxiety. Just focus.
February, 2010: Besides my day job, most of my free time to blog now is concentrated on my Spanish project: Mi Caminar. One of the main topics that I have written about on this blog besides finding peace is to find collaboration for the dreams one aspires to. I have found it with some cousins who live in Colombia and will be writing more often there.  Most of the posts  here will be pictures that inspire me.
February- April 2010 – I have a good job offer in another city to manage commercial properties with a good salary. I accept the job because of the money and start packing, but at the last minute, the job offer sizzles.  I was asked not to tweet or blog about it because the person I was replacing didn’t know about it.  So during this time, I was quiet in social media and it felt odd.  Besides, there is a positive to every negative. I am able to enjoy one more year  with the light of my life, my 17 year old son before he goes off to college. He was not  going to move with me if I took the job.
May, 2010: I start to get some social media consulting  jobs with new clients besides the work for my brilliant brother at  Jupiter Dermatology & Hair Restoration.
July 19 2010 – I win a scholarship from to go to Blogher in New York because of my Spanish Inspirational Blog – Mi Caminar. I am beyond thrilled from this totally unexpected surprise.
August, 2010 Totally inspired from Blogher.  Hopefully now that things are more stable with my work, I can continue to be inspired at night and do my passion at night – writing..blogging.:)