What’s Inside The Garage?

by Blanca Stella on May 31, 2009

Ferrari In The Repair Department

Ferrari In The Repair Department

Yesterday I took my son, Cristian to the Ferrari dealer here in Coral Gables.  He is an exotic car buff and loves taking pictures of these cars. He networks with other kids his age from all over the world on some websites and they share pictures. In fact, he is going to start his own website for this and I am in the process of helping him set it up.

 A good friend’s neighbor is the general manager at The Collection. My friend had told him about his passion for exotic cars. He had told her to tell Cristian to pass by for an inside tour of Ferrari’s, Aston Martin’s, Maserati’s and the like. I finally made an appointment with his secretary to go there. Cristian rides his bike there all the time checking out the scene which is mainly all the spotless, shiny cars on display. But he never saw all the other departments. That is, until yesterday. The manager took us up through a secure elevator to reveal other goodies. There was the repair department, the parking station for used cars waiting for new owners and the cleaning station.   Cristian’s eye’s popped out. He had no idea that these areas existed. All he had seen was the sales department.

This doesn’t even include the factories in Italy of concept, design, labor and manufacture of these beautiful cars. So much goes on to get the the final sales department. I would love to go one day to Italy where they actually make the cars. I’m sure enormous detail and care is given for the finished product.  We should be like this in a way. We can make ourselves look good on the outside with the nice clothes, nice smiles and exterior comforts that define the American Dream.

But what about our insides? Has there been attention to detail to nourish and care for ourselves, including our bodies? I believe that the breakdown in the economy is forcing many to pay attention to the inside, the garage so to speak. Maybe we are too busy and hectic with our “lives”. I also believe it is time to change those “lives” to a paradigm of living mainly from the heart. Ultimately, when everything crumbles, it is that foundation that will carry us without falling apart.

Exotic Car Mechanics at Work

Exotic Car Mechanics at Work

Notice the picture I took of the mechanic station. The floors are color coordinated by type of car. There is hardly a spec of dust on the floor. I could have lunch on the equipment they work on. As I have said many times before here on this blog – time can be our worst enemy or our best friend. Take the time to nourish the engine which will support you in any dream you have.  I have been doing it for many years. I feel like the finished product is almost there – feeling whole within myself. All I am waiting for is for the financial materialization in the form of income so I can continue to pursue my projects and dreams. Notice I said waiting. That means I am expecting it, I am confident of it and I am taking action with enourmous amount of steps requiring intense effort and concentration to make it happen. I am not sitting around and twiddling my fingers and expecting it on a silver platter.

Even though my first mango connection didn’t work out, I was able to gear myself to find deals in other ways besides becoming an REO agent with bank listings.  Just in these past two days I got two more people that want to buy, one of them the son of the manager I met yesterday. I actually had brought him a bag full of mangoes. My mangoes so far have been a lucky charm. And that first mango connection actually led me to meet someone in that office that I might do some business with later. It may or may not happen. That is life. There are many mangoes on the tree. Some are bruised, broken and cracked. I wouldn’t have been able to get to the point I am now with my purring engine, a.k.a strong heart, without being bruised and broken. Now I hope that since my engine has been repaired, I can enjoy the best fruit on the tree.(a.k.a closed deals;-)).

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Woodworking Project Plans December 3, 2010 at 4:22 am

There are many mangoes on the tree.

Woodworking Project Plans December 3, 2010 at 11:22 am

There are many mangoes on the tree.

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