Where Is Home?

by Blanca Stella on August 8, 2009

Home Sweet HomeI just came back from seeing the movie Julie & Julia. It was very inspiring for me for two reasons: I used to love to cook gourmet food & I love to write. The movie is about the true story of two women, Julia Child and a young married woman who just turned 30 who starts blogging about her passion, food.

When I was about 18 years old, I started reading recipes from Gourmet Magazine. I would read about 50 recipis and visualize them in my mind. I would then pick out one that I would imagine would taste the best and try it out. I started with desserts. Later, I moved on to full meals and even buffets. I even did the whole buffet for my own baby shower 16 years ago.

Cooking was my creative outlet. I would invite friends over for these elaborate dinners that took me days to plan out and prepare. I was absorbed in the whole process of creating that amazing meal that I could share with my family or friends.  I got so good at it that my parents, who were very social, asked me to prepare  sit down seven course dinners for their guests.

I stopped doing it after my car accident because I couldn’t stand for too long without my ankle getting swollen. I suppose I could continue doing it now if I had someone help me do the prep work. The point that I am trying to make is that it was something I really enjoyed.

My real estate work was also something I loved to do. I was helping people find the American Dream. I put my whole heart into helping someone find their dream home or selling  their home because they wanted to move to another dream home.  It wasn’t until last year that I was selling homes that were overleveraged  as the market continued to crash. It got to the point that my sellers couldn’t sell unless they would do a short sale. Unfortunately, the sellers I had at the time, in multimillion dollar listings, weren’t ready for short sales. So all my efforts went down the drain, as did my financial stability.

Real estate did not become fun or creative anymore. One of these properties that I was selling was a friend’s house who now is going thru a divorce. I was shocked to find this out. I never imagined that their family unit would also fall apart. Another listing I had was from a man in his 40’s who was recently widowed. He too was over leveraged and couldn’t sell. I wondered what pain he carried as he tried to rebuild his life with a new woman. I wondered why he really wanted to sell. Was it that he wanted to let go of the memories of his deceased wife?

This past year I have been thinking a lot about what is home?  Home is really where the heart is. That is the main message I conveyed to my son in my own meltdown. I always told him that no matter what happened, the love that exudes in the home is #1 priority. Back in October, I had to then look to other logical outlets to make a living. I thought that foreclosure sales from banks would be better because I wouldn’t be directly affected by other people’s circumstances. But that didn’t happen. Now, when I see foreclosure listings in nice neighborhoods, I wonder: What happened?  There is a story to every listing.

When I took the listing of my neighbors, it was completely opposite. It is not a stress sale. Love exudes in that home. It is so refreshing to list a home like this besides the fact that the structure is beautiful. Even a seasoned realtor for over 30 years said that “this home has a great aura.” I know it is because of the love that is shared here.

That is why I am happy to market this home. Maybe what I was letting go of when I said in my last posts “letting go of my identity”, is letting go of seeing so many situations with huge struggle.  I know I will come across difficult situations. That is part of life. I can empathize with every story. I just wish that more stories were like this one because then selling a home becomes a creative project in helping someone else find their dream home.

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